Crossword puzzle answers: May 8, 2014

Here are the answers to your daily crossword puzzle featured in today's Metro.

Metro's crossword puzzle answers for today.


metro daily crossword puzzle may 8


    8Mr. Nash
    13Motion picture
    14Frying medium
    16Butler, to Gable
    17"Bus Stop" author
    18Powerful beam
    19Spud st.
    24-- -European
    25Ebenezer's oath
    26Go a-wassailing
    28Chess piece
    34Moccasin, maybe
    35Frizzy coif
    36Improve, as skills
    37Archaeology find
    38Album shots
    39Tall tale
    40Currier's partner
    42Wee, in Dundee
    43Wearing clothes
    44Cave, often
    45Meadow rodent
    47Medieval weapon
    55Sigma preceder
    56Rockers Van --
    57Pet plea
    58Faucet problem
    59Turn inside out
    60Florence's river
    61Thole fillers
    62Greedy king of myth
    63Padlock adjunct
    64Luau strings

  • DOWN
    1Radio part
    2Acquired relative (hyph.)
    3Right, to a dobbin
    4Shrink back
    5"Dallas" setting
    6Cogito -- sum
    7Blissful spot
    8Wolf's pastime
    9-- theft auto
    10Make uneasy
    11D'Artagnan prop
    12Uncool one
    13Cheat sheet
    20Four Corners state
    21Winery's must
    23"Ghosts" writer
    27Charged particles
    29Triumphal edifice
    30All ears
    31-- ed.
    32Good dirt
    33Came apart
    34Fiji capital
    37Really miffed
    41"Mystic River" lead
    43Black and Eastwood
    441950s music genre (hyph.)
    46Wagner opus
    47Wildebeest chasers
    49Windy City airport
    50Stir-fry pans
    51Not us
    52Shankar the sitarist
    53Far East nanny
    54Prefix for "trillion"
    58Dobbs of FBN



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