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Crossword puzzle answers: October 21, 2014

Give up? Here are the crossword puzzles features in today’s Metro. Don’t forget to check out our other FREE online games.

Here is the crossword puzzle answer key featured in Metro.

ACROSS1Dueler's pride5911 responder8"Oops!" (hyph.)12Camel's pit stop14Not pro15Burger mate16Plain-living sect17Tarzan's transport18Cougar's pad19Sent elsewhere21More than fast23Gold Medal org.24Mountain overlooking Troy25Da or ja26Perceived30Impostor32Smart --33Upbraids (2 wds.)36Columbus' home37La Scala city38Far from colorful40Tire pump, e.g.42Gossipmonger43UPS competitor44Fragrant fir45Crunch targets48Auction signal49Muscle for push-ups50Bruce Wayne52Nurtured57Jai --58Cubbyhole60Gridiron deal61Thumb through62Confederate63Wiser64London park65Catch a glimpse of66Opry's st.
DOWN1Birds do it2Tagged along3"Get real!" (2 wds.)4Swell, as a river5Oklahoma town6Geog. feature7Secures firmly (2 wds.)8NCAA Bruins9Grizzled10Dark complexion11Rabbit's cousins13Chilling cry14With, to monsieur20Fishing gear22Neutral colors24"-- -- America Singing"26-- Paulo, Brazil27Pre-college28No, on the Rhine29Pooh-pooh30Fragrant perennial31Sing falsetto33Gave as an example34Coffee brewers35"Toodle-oo!" (hyph.)37Grotto regulars39Thud41Horne of "Stormy Weather"42Racing vessels44Casino action45Make blush46Obstinate47Sober-minded49Snail-paced51Play charades52Double agent53Q.E.D. part54Go postal55TV genie portrayer56Laura of "Jurassic Park"59Pamplona yell

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