Here is the crossword puzzle answer key featured in Metro.

ACROSS       1Minn. neighbor5Murkiness10Haughty type14"-- cow!"15Evans or Hunt16Airport summons17Pack -- -- (quit)18Organic compound19Rug measurement20Bright, as a smile22Less common24Cable channel25Over and over26Gymnast's stickum29Qt. parts32Prayer-wheel turners36Decides on37Waken39Tyrolean peak40It may be dangerous (2 wds.)43Novelist -- Levin44Corolla segments45Shaman's quest46Collars cover them48Cathedral town49Lose a lap50Round veggie52"Harper Valley --"53Tortilla snacks57JP half61Siberian river62Formula One car64Archaeology find65Type of wrestler66Spout rhetoric67Mr. Diamond68Glitch69Consumer advocate70Dressy event
DOWN       1Sound like a fan2Jot3Rode the banister4Belief in disbelief5Senator in space6Index7Que. neighbor8Ben Jonson works9Traveler -- Polo10Athens rival11DEA operative12Ess molding13Shaggy animal21Blyth or Sothern23Wouldn't hurt -- --26Worm seeker27Horse --28Subway hanger29Rattle on30Kind of eclipse31Gruff33Fluid rock34Burns' partner35Mall-crawl37Lime cooler38Female rel.41Surprise win42Scoring music47Novel closer49Ave. crossers51Burr or Copland52Less polluted53Nitpick54Make -- -- for it55GP read56Name in cheesecake57Leap in a tutu58Light bulb, in comics59Spring60La senorita63Bounder