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Here is the crossword puzzle answer key featured in Metro.

ACROSS1Sticker stat4IRS employees8Pale13Moolah14Hawaiian harbor15Get wider16Oil producer17Walkie-talkie word18Partner of Wells19Designer -- Claiborne20Unpredictible sort (2 wds.)22Most proximate24Religious observance25Four quarters26Nonsense poet28Mexican Mrs.31Clumps of grass34Debt securer35-- spumante36Big hairdo37Southern beauty38Woodlands grazer39Preside at tea40Scads41Foamy42Slalom run43Prospects for gold44Shinto or Zen (abbr.)45Anagram for rats47Pointed beards51Blue wildflower (hyph.)55Historical period56Public persona57007's alma mater58Horrible boss59Evening gown fabric60Crowning point61Prez's stand-in62Leaf sources63"-- went thataway!"64Museum contents
DOWN       1Mme. Curie2Turnpike stop3Pentagon VIP4Opt for5Turn on a dime6Porter and stout7Feeling miffed8Brief romance9Distort, in a way10Geared up, as a mule11Hence12Light in a tube13Drying oven20Fish-eye, e.g.21Load lifter23Helicopter blade26Cheerful tones27Morays2966 and I-8030Breezy31Duct --32Pilots' sightings33Stymie34Trotsky's name35X-rated37Wild party41Bench or hassock43Grooms plumes44Soccer star Wayne --46Prize marble47Dwarf cousin48More than willing49White heron50Percolate51It may be shaken52Sharif of the movies53Protein source54Draw on glass58Eggs, to Ovid