Does this 1996 photo shows Ivanka Trump and her father enjoying a Beach Boys conceGetty Images

Ever since Donald Trump said if Ivanka Trump weren't his daughter, he'd date her, "would he or wouldn't he" rumors have swirled around the business mogul. But the daddy issues controversy predates that 2006 remark thanks to a photo that some say depicts Ivanka, Trump's daughter with his first wife Ivana, giving the mogul a lap dance.

The photo, taken in 1996, shows Ivanka (center, in white) on her father's lap at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate during a Beach Boys concert, according to the photo description via Getty Images.

Snopes made the argument that the photo only shows a moment and doesn't depict movement or how long Ivanka was on her dad's lap. Others say it is just another piece of evidence in a creepy infatuation the GOP candidate has for his daughter.


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