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Garlic reminds Fab of his youth

Billable Hours star can’t live without coffee grinder

Fabrizio Filippo, star of Billable Hours.

Fabrizio Filippo is an actor and co-creator of the comedy series Billable Hours on Showcase. Filippo has starred in TV series Queer As Folk and Buffy The Vampire Slayer; he starred opposite the legendary Sophia Loren in the television mini-series Lives Of The Saints.

Q: What is your fondest memory from your family kitchen.

A: I would eat the soft middle of long sticks of Italian bread without my parents knowing. My whole arm would be sticking in the bread. When I was done I would put the bread back in its proper place on the counter. Then I’d sit and watch my parents slice themselves a piece of bread and get nothing but crust. It was funny.

Q: What kitchen aromas bring back fond memories?

A: The smell of tomato sauce reminds me of my mother’s kitchen. I also like the smell of garlic.

Q: What is your favourite food to cook?

A: It’s my job to make brunch every Sunday. The rest of the time my wife, who is an amazing cook, creates her special dishes.

Q: How did the first meal you prepared turn out?

A: When I was five or six, I made my mom breakfast. There really wasn’t much of a breakfast because I burnt the eggs.

Q: What kitchen gadget can’t you live without?

A: My coffee grinder.


Pasta Fab (Serves 3-4)

  1. Pan fry (sauté) 2 sweet Italian sausages with olive oil and a chopped onion until brown.

  2. Cook together.

  3. Add 1 whole spinach leaf.

  4. Boil pasta (Fab uses 3 fist fulls of spelt).

  5. Strain.

  6. Add to pan, sauté again.

  7. Put a little sprinkle of olive oil on the pasta in the frying pan.

  8. Beat 5 eggs.

  9. Pour on to the pasta, cook on low.

  10. Stir mix until egg sticks to the pasta.

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