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Gawker gets another redesign: Who likes it?

What would the Internet talk about if not for Gawker redesigns? Real issues? (Ugh.) Luckily for all of us, Nick Denton isn’t done tinkering with his favorite toy: A new Gawker Media redesign went live this morning, only months after the last one!

Known as the ‘Open Design,’ the plan finally lets readers get rid of the double scrolls that made browsing Gawker such a pain for the past few months. There are also some new headers, and related links right on the homepage. Gizmodo has a handy guide to the whole thing here.

We’re not ones to criticize another site’s web design (glass houses, pots and kettles etc.) but what did other people have to say?

We also got an opinion from a not-at-all objective source, disgruntled former Gawker commenter misslinda:

I’ve barely glanced at it since the first redesign so I can’t see too much of a difference. It’s still dysfunctional, but it looks like maybe they did take a step back from their stupid right-column scroll panel so that’s at least progress. Good boy, Nick, you’re learning! Though yuck, the grey bar with the red bar in the comments section is ugly. I suppose that’s their solution for the new “nested” comments being hard to follow? And of course they made the peasants’ avatars super tiny. I take that back, Denton. You’ve learned nothing.

Here’s a shot of the design itself. What do you think?

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