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Geek Girl in Hollywood: In praise of collecting


I’m moving to a new apartment. I hate moving; you probably do, too. I’m starting to snarl at packing tape in the grocery store, and my hands are covered in papercuts from cardboard boxes. It’s all I’m talking about this week. (I’m lots of fun at parties.)When I told someone about the 78 boxes I packed yesterday, they seemed stunned. “What the heck could you possibly have in there?” Well, a lot of them are full of toys and collectibles.

Now, before you laugh or groan about the spouse you have who could have said the same thing, let me defend collecting.

My collection is geek stuff. There are DC Bombshells, space helmets, Joker statues and a Rocket Raccoon mask that talks. There are endless Pop Vinyl figures, a gold coin from a pirate show set visit and numerous sonic screwdrivers (though you need an actual screwdriver to change the batteries). That’s just to name a few things. It’s not all expensive stuff, and there is really no theme. It’s just stuff I love. Between my boyfriend’s geek collection and mine, it’s like a comic book shop in here.

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As we approach yet another convention, I can guarantee I’ll be adding to it. Maybe just one little piece, but there is something lovely about the joy of finding that one special item that makes your desk look just a bit more like Disneyland. Sure, some people can take collecting too far, but for those of us who love it, the search is as much fun as having the item at home.

There are all kinds of theories about why we collect things. Some people say it’s the thrill of the hunt. Some claim that seeing the Samurai Darth Vader made out of motorcycle parts on your desk calms anxiety. (That is a thing. I’m looking at it right now.) Some say the items remind you of fond memories of a film or a friend. Others just love to decorate their homes in a way that might horrify their parents and make it a haven of things they adore.

So, if your significant other or roomie comes home with yet another Daenerys statue, before you flip out and ask why they needed a ninth one, stop for a second. Ask them why they do it. Ask why they love it. Then get out there and maybe start your own collection. Happy hunting!

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