Geese hit JetBlue plane at New York area airport - Metro US

Geese hit JetBlue plane at New York area airport

A JetBlue flight taking off from Westchester Airport last night hit two Canadian geese during takeoff.

The plan, bound for West Palm Beach, Florida, hit the geese at about 6:45 p.m. The geese smacked into the plane’s windshield, cracking it, according to reports.

“I was petrified,” Janice Hilbrink, of White Plains, who was on the plane told the New York Post. “Seriously very frightened. I heard the noise. It was very loud and the plane had a lot of turbulence. The pilot told us the windshield was cracked.”

When she got off the plane, “the whole front of it was covered in bird,” she told the Post.

The incident happened about six miles northwest of the airport. The plane immediately radioed the control tower that it had to turn around and come back.

The jet was safely back on the ground seven minutes later.

This is the second time geese hit a plane in the New York metro area in the past week. On Thursday, a Delta jet hit geese when it took off from JFK. In that incident the cabin filled with smoke. That plane made a safe emergency landing as well.

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