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Geno Smith missed team meeting due to Pacific time mixup

Geno Smith Geno Smith missed the memo on Saturday’s non-time change.
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The Jets suffered a total meltdown in San Diego Sunday. But before the team even got humiliated 31-0, their starting quarterback was already having problems. Mostly with telling time.

The Daily News reported late Sunday that Geno Smith missed a team meeting on Saturday, which angered some unnamed players on the team. But the reason for him missing the meeting didn’t emerge until Monday.

Apparently, even though the Jets were in San Diego — and thus on Pacific time — the team was still holding all meetings according to Eastern time.

So while Smith, and teammate Walter Powell, were chilling at the movies (most likely enjoying a showing of “Gone Girl” no doubt), the rest of the team was pretending it was three hours later than it actually was. Smith strolled into the meeting five minutes after it ended.

Anyway, Smith was a complete disaster in the game. He ended up being benched for Michael Vick at halftime, though Vick was no better. So apparently even going to the meeting wasn’t any help.

Not sure missing the meeting is Smith’s fault really. Granted, he should probably have paid attention when he was told meetings would be held on Eastern time, but who does that?

Oh, right, the Jets.

Because why wouldn’t they do everything backwards?

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