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George Takei calls for ‘American terrorist’ and ‘chaos President’ Donald Trump to resign

Actor and activist George Takei is taking on his former "Celebrity Apprentice" bos

Actor and activist George Takei has some strong words for President Donald Trump.

“Trump can profess a principle and then go blatantly against it. He is ignorant, and because of his ignorance, he is fearful. Actually, the real terrorist is Donald Trump. He’s the American terrorist,” Takei said in the New York Daily News.

In his op-ed, Takei called for “the chaos President” to resign because “he has failed this country in less than two weeks on the job.”

The longtime gay rights and human rights activist and former “Star Trek” actor, who appeared on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012, said Friday’s executive order banning entry into the U.S. for nationals of seven mostly Muslim nations and refugees “goes against the Constitution.”

“He is ignorant of history and facts and has no interest in learning,” Takei added. “He reacts based on his emotion and his ‘alternative facts.’”

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When Trump first proposed blocking Muslims from entering the U.S. while campaigning, Takei invited him to see his Broadway musical, “Allegiance,” which centers on Takei’s experience as a child in the U.S.’s Japanese internment camps during World War II.

“We reserved a seat for him every night. He never came,” he said.

Takei and his family were among the more than 110,000 Japanese-Americans forced to relocate and be incarcerated after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Of the internees, 62 percent were American citizens.

“’Allegiance’ is a reminder that we as a country have the capacity to do something that horrific and un-American,” Takei said, adding that he would still like Trump to see his play.

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He offered to have a private viewing of one of its performances, which was filmed to be screened across the country on Feb. 19, the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order on the camps.

Takei has “heard a chilling echo” of childhood with calls for a Muslim registry to be created, and on Jan. 10, he created a petition on care2.com to offer his support and oppose policies that target them unfairly. It has nearly 250,000 signatures thus far.

“President Trump should take notice. He should resign before he is forced out or impeached. It’s clear he cannot govern,” Takei concluded.

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