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Get a hand with homes

While they are often cause for celebration, planning a home purchase and a move are often cited as some of life’s most stressful events.

Many other life moments have built-in backup to help you along the way: Weddings have planners, and vacations offer itineraries and tour guides. It only makes sense, that something as important as a home purchase comes with planners and checklists to keep us organized and in control every step of the way.

My Home Planner, found at homeownership.ca, is a new and useful online tool from Genworth Financial Canada that helps make sense of the homebuying process.

It’s like having a constant companion on your journey to homeownership — one with a great memory and a knack for details. An interactive calendar shows you your roadmap at a glance and serves as an official countdown to when you close the deal and move in.

My Home Planner does the memory work for you — keeping track of tasks and decisions that need to be handled on the way to your new home. It even generates email notifications to remind you of key details so that you can stay focused on the big picture.

Other free resources include:
• A personalization feature that populates your Home Planner calendar with both standard and customized homebuying tasks

• The ability to save your own Home Planner to your desktop or laptop, and print it for easy reference

• Interactive tools like “What Can I Afford” and “Rent vs. Buy” calculators

• A library of articles from industry experts, filled with tips and advice about the homebuying process

Why go it alone? Tools like My Home Planner from Genworth Financial Canada can help you understand what homeownership looks like, plan your journey and close the deal knowing that you haven’t missed a single step along the way.

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