Get ahead in your degree with Online Summer Session at CUNY SPS – Metro US

Get ahead in your degree with Online Summer Session at CUNY SPS

Get ahead in your degree with Online Summer Session at CUNY SPS

At some point in every college student’s life, they wonder if they could, or should, have finished their degree more quickly. To some, the idea of adding mores classes to an already busy schedule seems daunting and unattainable. When would they find the time to attend more classes?

Three words: Online Summer Session! Taking intersession classes during the summer break is a great way to make progress toward graduation, by catching up on courses or moving further ahead in your program.
Some people groan at the thought of studying during the summer. Who wants to be stuck inside a classroom on a gorgeous beach day?
What if you could take your classroom anywhere? Not just your homework, but the actual class itself? This may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.
Studying online is a creative, mobile approach to learning that can fit into your summer schedule. Bring the classroom to you (or more specifically, to your laptop or mobile device). Any time you have downtime, you can study and work toward your degree. Whether you are on your commute to work, your lunch break, or enjoying a weekend outdoors, you can earn credits toward your degree and get a competitive edge.
Cinthia Vega is currently earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Disability Studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS). She enrolled in summer courses in order to get jumpstart on next semester.
“I decided to enroll in a summer session because I wanted to complete my degree sooner than anticipated,” says Vega. “By taking a summer class, I was able to concentrate on that particular class (philosophy) without any other distractions. What I really enjoyed was the availability of the professor and his enthusiasm to teach. Taking an online course can sometimes be difficult, but with the help of your instructor, it can be an easy transition. I was able to log on to my class at any given time and collaborate with other students via email. When you take a summer session, you are able to take the course in a short period of time, which is great. I must say it was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to future students.”
Michele Clark, also a CUNY SPS student, is working toward her Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership.
“I decided to enroll in summer session because it allowed me the opportunity to complete a full semester in only half the time, with full credits! The flexibility was exactly what I was looking for and the quality of the class was top notch. I was able to continue to advance my education while balancing all of the many aspects of my busy life.”
Dr. Jennifer Sparrow, Academic Director of General Education at CUNY SPS, says: “From Film Studies to Statistics to Astronomy, CUNY SPS offers a variety of seven-week fully accredited, online general education courses that can be applied to your undergraduate degree at CUNY SPS, at any CUNY college, or elsewhere.”
Whether your field of study is macroeconomics, poetry, business, or communications, Summer Session has classes that will move you forward for fall, in half the time.
Now is the perfect time to enroll in a general education course or an elective you’ve been eager to take toward your degree. Consider Summer Session at CUNY SPS, which is only seven weeks and runs from June 6 – July 21. The session is open to all current CUNY students via ePermit, and visiting students from other colleges.
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