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Get beyond the beach for this year’s Reading Week

Reading Week is almost here, and as most students can attest, actual reading is pretty much the last thing on their to-do lists.

While the usual beach-hopping antics are standard fare over Spring Break, why not try something a little different (and cheaper)?

Whisk away to a winter wonderland
Camping isn’t just for the summer months, especially for couples hoping to get cuddly in the snow, or nature lovers looking for a chance to experience ultimate serenity. Check the Parks Canada website for a list of all campgrounds in your province that are open in the winter. Popular year-round parks include: Kootenay in British Columbia, Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Terra Nova in Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Albert in Saskatchewan.

Give a little
Volunteering is not only a great way to help your community and have life-changing experiences along the way, it can also be a crucial part of your personal growth as a person — and isn’t that why you’re going to school in the first place? Visit the Volunteer Canada site for a list of organizations that need volunteers in your part of the country. The site also has a wealth of resources about how to get started volunteering.

Get moving
Raising your marks is a great thing, but too often it can mean gaining a little extra around the mid-section.

All that sitting at desks and computers and indoor hibernating during the winter term is bound to catch up with you, so why not use your break to start up your exercise regimen? Many gyms and fitness clubs are still in the throes of their New Year rush and are eager to offer deals and discounts, while winter sports equipment starts to get discounted around this time of year as well. Hop out for a few days of skiing or hit the gym a couple of times to give your fitness a kick-start.

Hit it big
Got a penchant for sculpture, a knack for writing jokes or mad skills for fixing computers? Maybe it’s time to take your marketable hobbies and use them to start a small business. Scout out some contacts and try to focus on work you can do in off-hours once classes start up again. But don’t try to over-work yourself — a few extra bucks for proofreading papers or selling your architectural renderings can go a long way and put you on the road to entrepreneurialism. Visit servicecanada.gc.ca for helpful info on how to get started.

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