Get buzzed with Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today espresso

You count down the days until Friday, maybe even starting on Sunday. But this week, Starbucks is making the end of the week even sweeter by offering up yet another Starbucks Happy Hour today. So, which way are they leading you this week for your mid-afternoon or post-work pick-me-up? Trust us, it’s a delicious direction.

In case you’re still not on the Starbucks Happy Hour train, the coffee chain offers discounted drinks almost every week — you just don’t know ahead of time which day it’s going to be, unless you’re an insider. There are two ways to get involved, which we’ve outlined in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour, and once you’re on the list, you’ll get a heads up the day before the discounts kick off in store.

But what drink is on the table through Starbucks Happy hour today? Keep reading for details about the sip that’ll save you some cash as well as when to head out to your nearest location to snag one.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

Grab your friends and get thinking about what you’re craving most because the Starbucks Happy Hour today includes a ton of drinks in the deal. Maybe a macchiato? Love your caffeine in the form of a cappuccino? Or do you want to cool things off with a little iced latte action? No matter which of these sounds the best to you, it’s yours for half the price through Starbucks Happy Hour today.

starbucks happy hour today macchiato

But what do all these drinks that are part of the deal have in common? They’re all espresso beverages. So pop over to a Starbucks starting at 3pm and you can get any espresso beverage for 50% off as long as you order a size Grande or larger. Sorry, this week the deal does not include Frappuccinos, so keep an eye out and your fingers crossed for the next one if you love the blended beverage.

Just maybe meet up with your friends for a mid-afternoon catch up session since we’re talking about espresso. You can redeem the deal until the locations close, but if you plan on saving some money on your sip maybe plan a night out with friends. You don’t want to have an espresso and head to bed buzzed on caffeine.

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