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Get Chipotle delivered for free when you order through this app

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One delicious deal is saving you from waiting in that long line at Chipotle. We’re talking DoorDash free delivery from your favorite fast and fiesty chain. That’s right, DoorDash teamed up with 1,500 locations of Chipotle — a partnership that won’t be going away. To celebrate and get you ready for Cinco de Mayo, they’re offering free delivery on all of your orders from the chain this week.

The offer of DoorDash free delivery of your guac-doused dinner starts today, April 30, and lasts only through Sunday, May 6. That means, yes, if your ideal Cinco de Mayo celebration is sitting at home enjoying some serious guac, chips and burritos, DoorDash is helping you make the dream a reality. You’ll have to get the tequila on your own, though.

How do you get DoorDash free delivery on Chipotle?

First of all, you need the DoorDash app (for iPhone or Android) or to log in through their website. This will also allow you to check that they can deliver Chipotle to your place based on the locations of the chain with which they’re working. (More on this below.) Go through the standard process of drooling over 10 different items on the Chipotle menu before finally deciding on your dinner and adding it to your cart. Before you hit “Place Order” make sure to enter the code you need to access the free delivery deal: GETCHIPOTLE.

Where is DoorDash free delivery on Chipotle available?

We mentioned that DoorDash partnered with 1,500 locations of Chipotle, but where are they? We won’t burrito ’round the bush for you, loyal Metro reader: New York, Boston and Philly, DoorDash has partnered with Chipotle locations in all of your cities, so save room for chips.

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For those of you outside those three cities, there’s a good chance you can get in on this deal if you’re in a large city. The Chipotle locations working with DoorDash are scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Los Angeles, D.C., Miami and Atlanta.

Remember, the DoorDash free delivery will only be around through this weekend, and that extra couple of bucks you save on delivery fees will let you double down on guac. So don’t taco ’bout it anymore and just get ordering. Those stomach rumbles aren’t going to fix themselves.


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