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Get cocktails (and even a bartender!) on demand with Instapour

Get cocktails (and even a bartender!) on demand with Instapour

It’s not a party without cocktails, but no one wants to play bartender all night. And let’s be real, after a few rounds, we either slack off and just start doing shots or the drinks start to taste like spiked Kool-Aid.

Enter Instapour, launching this weekend just in time for Labor Day. Unlike other booze-plus-mixers apps like Drizly and Swill, all the work has been done for you — the lemons are squeezed, the pineapple juice cans have been opened and the strawberries muddled, for 12 perfectly made cocktails per box.

“Our cocktail menu is designed to transport deliciously,” says Instapour’s chief mixologist Warren Hode, who’s been slighing cocktails in NYC for 15 years at spots like Bond St. and The Summit Bar. “Our recipes are developed by starting in the kitchen — like traditional chefs — to develop blends and combinations that translate beautifully to the glass.”

In addition to the premade mixers, the Instapour box also includes garnish and bar tools, and all spirits arrive in full-size 750ml bottles, which will outlast the mixer so feel free to pour a few with a heavier hand if that’s what your guests like.

The app launches at 9 a.m. Saturday only in NYC and Los Angeles for now, and will be delivering until 8 p.m. Summer’s menu includes a cucumber margarita and palomas made with Casamigos tequila, and mojito and strawberry daiquiri with Caliche rum.

The boxes, which range in price from $39 to $59, come either as a subscription service (you could have one waiting on your doorstep every week as a reminder to live life to the fullest) or order an Instaparty: For $59 per hour, a bartender will make the cocktails for your party of between 6 and 200 people.

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