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Get frappy at Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today july 19
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Summer’s here and the sippin’ is easy — thanks in large part to Starbucks. Their drink discount program has become part of our weekly routine, and now since it looks like they’ll tell us when Starbucks Happy hour is each week ahead of time, we can now plan ahead. You might want to have some protein at lunch today, folk, because Starbucks Happy Hour today is super sweet.

We’ll break it down really quickly if you’re not familiar: Starbucks Happy Hour is the drink discount party of the season, but you need to be invited. Don’t worry, there’s no exclusive list for VIPs or dress code involved. You can sign up in a matter of minutes using one of the two ways we outline in our guide to all things Starbucks Happy Hour. Read up, sign up and get ready to drink up.

So what drink discount does the home of cold foam have planned for you with Starbucks Happy Hour today? We think you’re going to be frappy, er, happy with what they have “in store.”

Starbucks Happy Hour today is frappin’ awesome

We’re sure you already guessed from the headline, but Starbucks Happy Hour today is all about those beautiful blended drinks, the Frappuccinos. Head over to your nearest Starbucks location to get 50% off Frappuccinos starting at 3pm (and running, of course, until close). Whether you want to risk slurping down that much sugar close to bed is up to you.

starbucks happy hour today july 19 frappuccino

You will have to order a Grande (or larger) of the signature sip to cash in, but with flavors like Triple Mocha and Ultra Caramel, we doubt they’ll have to twist your arm about it. Unfortunately, even though you can enjoy that creamy drink in bottles, they’re not part of the deal running during Starbucks Happy Hour today. Just don’t forget to tell your barista you want to cash in on the deal before they ring you up!


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