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Get on the move

Most students have to leave home to go attend post-secondary school making moving and adjusting to new and old circumstances essential skills.

Moving Day

Avoid the potential stress, and waste, of moving-out day with these plan-ahead tips:

• Be sure to reserve a moving van if you need one. They book up quickly for weekend moving, especially as school terms finish up.

• Consider keeping just the essentials, and moving out everything else, the week before your last exams to avoid the chaos of moving day.

• Ask family or friends to bring carts and dollies, extra boxes and small vacuum/cleaning supplies.

• Many schools offer drop-off or pick-up services to recycle unwanted furniture, e-waste, clothing and non-perishable food. Check with your local mattress store about whether or not they recycle mattresses.

• Rather than drag all your stuff home for the summer, consider a local self-storage facility or service like storeyourdorm.ca that picks up in April, and delivers back in the fall.

Moving Back Home

When Sam Caldwell returned to his Toronto suburb after his first year at the University of Windsor, he was struck by how empty the streets seemed, how quiet the neighbourhood went after dark.

Living with his parents for the summer brought big adjustments for everyone and conflicts over curfews, cars and carrying out the trash.

“It felt like they were controlling my life again,” he said.

To avoid a summer of strife, try this:

• Negotiate ground rules over laundry, car/gas use, housekeeping and groceries.

• You may be too old for curfews, but not for courtesy. Let parents know when you expect to be home at night or whether you’ll be there for dinner.

• Surprise the folks with how much you’ve matured: offer to cook (or ask for lessons), wash the car or help paint the deck.

• When home turf turns testy, take a breather and remind yourself: it’s back to school again in September.

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