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Get online and get ahead

Congratulations! You’ve landed a job! Once you come down from the relief of just being employed, you might begin to ask yourself, “What’s next?” A promotion? A raise? If you’re struggling to get ahead, turning to an online university might be more beneficial than staying late at the office.

Online degrees aren’t just for people looking for a job. More people who already have established careers are turning to their computers to add on to their current degrees and certifications.

Anne Vanderbilt, a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Cleveland Clinic, says about 50% of nurses have associate’s degrees, but more are now pursing their bachelor’s degree online. “In the nursing field, employers increasingly want you to have a bachelor’s degree. There is still a nursing shortage, jobs have become more competitive,” says Vanderbilt.

The same is true for most fields. A bachelor’s degree is rapidly becoming the bare minimum as more and more college graduates compete with each other for jobs. When selecting an online university, Vanderbilt suggests looking at the history of the program and speaking with graduates. The key is picking the one that offers the most beneficial courses for your field of interest.

If you find yourself missing frat parties and flirting with the T.A., an online university might not be for you. But if you want to take your education to the next level on your own time, the answer could be a click away

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