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Get Skittles manicures and M&Ms makeup at this free salon

Not expecting a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Give yourself the sweet treat of a candy-themed manicure or minty blowout at Sweet ReTreat, the pop-up candy shop-meets-beauty salon your teenage self could only dream about.

Open from Feb. 13-14, Sweet ReTreat provides to fantasy treatments pulled right from Willy Wonka’s playbook. (Because no man who goes around in an orange top hat and a purple coat made of crushed velvet is unacquainted with beauty products, hm?)

Oh, and they’re all totally free.

Created by Mars Wrigley Confections, each of the treatments feature some of its iconic candies. Whether or not you have someone to look pretty for, this is the place to give yourself the gift of a Skittles-colored manicure, or a makeover with Dove chocolate-inspired smokey eyes and bold red lips inspired by M&Ms.

There’s also a Twix brow bar, massages (like the stress relief of chewing a piece of gum but for your whole body) and mint-infused blowouts — think Altoids for your hair.

There’s also a coffee bar with Tazo products because, fun fact, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, over half (53%) would rather give up coffee than chocolate. But because Valentine’s Day is all about indulgence, you don’t have to make that choice here.

And because after all those treat-ments your sweet tooth is probably jonesing for a fix, there are tons of fun-size candy packs to keep your day sweet.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but could Valentine’s Day stick around a little longer?

Find Sweet ReTreat from Feb. 13-14 at 230 W. 39th St. To make an appointment, visit marssweetretreat.com.

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