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Get the entire family involved

In support of Earth Hour, WWF-Canada and Sears Canada, a national sponsor of Earth Hour, present the Family Guide to Earth Hour, a series of tips and ideas to show Canadian parents that global change begins at home.

Make a plan: Use Earth Hour to discuss what your family can do year-round to take action for the planet. For ideas, visit TheGoodLife.wwf.ca.

Candle-lit games night:
Get out the board games or play a game of flashlight tag. Get the family gathered for some old-fashioned quality time to remind your children that games can be played without a computer or TV screen.

Take a tour:
Explore your neighbourhood and travel around the city using fun and smart means of transportation — walk, bike, skateboard, scooter, or take the bus and show your kids that travel can be fun and sometimes faster when you leave the car at home.

For more, see wwf.ca/earthhour/celebrating_earth_hour_as_a_family.cfm