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Get this 10,000-calorie burger for free — by eating it all

Eat this.  Credit: TorgandElliott/Twitter Eat this.
Credit: TorgandElliott/Twitter

Here’s the “Ulti-Meatum” challenge for burger lovers the world over. The 10,000-calorie whopper was cooked up by restaurant owners Corinne and John Clarkson after seeing the meat feast on The Cartoon Network’s “The Regular Show.”

The monster meal includes 5 lbs. of meat and a cheeseburger within a burger just like in the children’s animation.

“It’s fun in a bun,” says creator and chef John. He adds: “It tastes amazing.”

The owners of the Mister Eaters fish and chip restaurant in Preston, north England are offering up a “Man vs. Food”-style challenge where daring punters can eat for free if they can finish the burger in one.

Metro: Was this as much a personal challenge as anything else?

Clarkson: Yeah, I enjoy it and it’s a bit of fun. I’m a butcher by trade and I’m familiar with meat and how it sticks together, so I thought I’ll have a go. We’ve done the world’s biggest Ferrero Rocher at 11 lbs. in weight and that went global, so I thought I could do the same with this. It gets people talking; the shop’s been overwhelmed.

Did you have any problems building the burger?

We had three or four flops. I had to design a plate with pins that are the same height as the burger, so that it doesn’t topple over. The thing with my burger is that it’s not messy when you cut it open — you get a really nice cross-section as you can see in the picture.

Has anyone taken on the challenge?

It hasn’t gone out yet but we’ve had a lot of interest. People form the press want to come and do it and it’s looking like people from around the world will be coming to try the burger.

What’s next on your gut-busting menu?

I do have something lined up for Christmas but I can’t tell you what it is just yet. In the past, we’ve done a full English breakfast in a butty and the world’s longest battered sausage — we love to go to extremes.

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