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Get to know … Melanie Fiona

Since you’re probably listening to Melanie Fiona’s album “The Bridge” on repeat, here are some things you should know about the songstress: 1. She’s a hopeless romantic: “I’d love to fall in love every day,” coos Fiona. 2. She opened for the European leg of Kanye West’s Glow In the Dark tour — and they got to hang out: “One night we were having dinner, and he took me and my manager on a tour of Paris at night!” 3. She’s a lady that goes for what she wants, like making sure a show with singer Ryan Leslie would happen: “I knew I wanted to work with him and told my label,” says Fiona. “I’m a firm believer of speaking on what you want. You got to put it out there, and people will listen.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?

What’s the last song you listened to on repeat like a maniac?
“Until” by Musiq Soulchild. I think I listened to it like 76 times in a row one day — that’s what the iTunes thing said.

What’s your favorite word?
Right now it’s “super.” I came back from Germany and they say “zoopah,” and now I say it all the time.

At a party you’ll find me …
In the cut dancing my ass off to hip-hop and reggae. When reggae comes on I kinda break out and go crazy.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have a crush on Common. He’s always been one of my favorite MCs, and I think he’s really evolved and lasted as an artist. And he writes children’s books and he’s super hot and an actor. If I met him now I think I’d just have to be honest, like, “I think you’re hot, it’s no secret.”

Ryan Leslie with Melanie Fiona
Tomorrow, 8 p.m.
Nokia Theatre Times Square
1515 Broadway
$23, 212-930-1950

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