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Getting free cookies today is as easy as downloading the 7-Eleven app

The 7-Eleven app probably isn’t high up on your list of must-have mobile updates — but it should be, especially today. Why? Well, first of all, 7-Eleven is a glorious snack heaven where slushies and soda meet snack cakes and even protein bars. Don’t fight us on this one. Second, there are free cookies on the line today.

It’s National Chocolate Chip Day, in case you don’t follow obscure food holidays but welcome any reason to dig into a chip-studded sweet. Sure, you can add chocolate chips to just about any dessert, but the classic and arguably the most comforting of those combos is the chocolate chip cookie, which is why some places are handing out discounted or free cookies today.

Though this convenience store chain isn’t the only place offering a deal as a sweet celebration, they’re the most easily accessible — and their cookies are baked fresh and come in packs of two. So skip the discounted deals and head straight to the free cookies you can get through the 7-Eleven app. Here’s how to get your chocolate chip fix and save some dough.

Get free cookies through the 7-Eleven app

Although the 7-Eleven app offers plenty of features and deals with which you should acquaint yourself, we’re only going to focus on the free cookies for now since it’s National Chocolate Chip Day. Once you download the 7-Eleven app, which is available on Android and iOS, you’ll be asked to register for an account with a quick and simple form.

7-eleven app

All you need to do to have 800 points magically appear in your reward section is to verify your 7-Eleven app account through your email. Once that’s done, toggle to the Rewards part of the app and watch 800 points roll in. Hit “Add Items” on the right hand side and you’ll hit a screen where you can scroll through several rewards that will cost you either 800 or 1200 points. Scroll down through the 800-point reward and you’ll come to what you’re looking for: an offer for free cookies.

free cookies 7-eleven app

Those cookies aren’t anything to sniff at, either. Though they come packaged, 7-Eleven gets their baked goods from local bakeries, including that Chocolate Chunk Cookie you’ve been eyeing in the checkout line, and delivered fresh daily. So what are you waiting for? Download the 7-Eleven app today, get your free cookies and, oh yeah, start earning some points on all those coffees and sodas you’ve been buying anyway.

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