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Getting Mariah Carey in the mood can be dangerous

Mariah Carey
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Setting the right tone is everything when you’re trying to Netflix & chill (look it up, it doesn’t mean marathoning “Game of Thrones”). And Mariah Carey’s boyfriend badly misjudged this one.
James Packer, 48, has been dating Carey for about a year, so you’d think he’d know what she likes to listen to. But, according toThe Fix, one recent night he put on Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” to get her in the mood — and the “Fantasy” singer shut it down by throwing the computer playing the song out a window.
“Seriously, just trashed it,” the source tellsThe Fix. “She ran out of the room screaming. So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house.”
Apparently, the 47-year-old Carey’s musical grievances don’t stop at Beyonce — the source says in another incident, JLo’s “Waiting for Tonight” led to Carey coughing up a bite of her dinner. “[Packer] has learned never, ever to play another female artist in the house. It’s either Mariah, jazz or classical!”

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