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Getting ‘Naked at the Art Museum’

Getting ‘Naked at the Art Museum’

If you were hoping for a couple of nudes this Valentine’s Day, you could be in luck. New York-based Watson Adventures is hosting a series of adults only scavenger hunts at the Museum of Fine Arts the weekend before V-Day.

Aptly deemed, “Naked at the Art Museum,” the two-and-a-half-hour activity session brings participants through the museum’s many wings, hunting for clues in the art’s fleshier fineries.

Watson’s Hunt Producer, Rachel Duncan, says the recurring event is one the group’s most popular from the batch that includes “Murder the Museum of Science” and Harry Potter-themed “The Wizard School.”

“There’s no murder or extra plot points, but all the questions or art you’re led to features nudity or dirty jokes,” she says. “It’s my favorite.”

Each clue leads to a piece of art, and teams of two to six are rewarded with a point system, with the most points (obviously) winning. Unfortunately, no one gets to take home a piece of art, nude or not, at the end of the day, though Duncan assures us that the winner gets a “snazzy looking medal.”

She laughs, “We can’t give out a new car every time.”

Naked at the Art Museum starts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Feb. 12-14. Tickets are $39.50 for adults, $37.50 for students, and include museum admission.

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