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Giant public pillow fight scheduled in Boston

Need to take out some aggression? (In a friendly, fun way, of course).

Grab your non-feathered pillow and join other Bostonians for the fifth annual International Pillow Fight on Saturday.

According to the group, this “holiday” is celebrated the world over, from Budapest to Beijing.

At 2:55 p.m. at an undisclosed location, people will suddenly burst into a frenzy of pillow-battering, creating the battlegrounds of a massive, public pillow fight.

Sponsored by “The Banditos Misteriosos,” attendees are urged to keep their pillows hidden until a secret signal is made to unleash the feathery fury.

Check the group’s website or Facebook page to find out where the fight will go down. They will announce the location starting at midnight on Friday.

Here are the rules:

1. Be there by 2:55 and wait for the signal, making sure to make your pillow as inconspicuous as possible!

2. Avoid hitting people in the face, people with cameras, or Mayor Menino!

3. No feathered pillows – they are outrageously messy!


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