Giants 2018 NFL mock draft 4.0 – Metro US

Giants 2018 NFL mock draft 4.0

Giants 2018 NFL mock draft 4.0

The NFL Combine is just a couple of weeks away and there will be far more clarity for the New York Giants and what they do with the second overall pick.

Nah, probably not. The mock drafts will change dozens of times between now and then.

But the Giants do have a plethora of options with the No. 2 pick, which makes for some fun twists and turns in this mock draft. And this mock, version 4.0 for Metro, is no different.


Metro’s ‘Giants Mock Draft 4.0’:

Round 1 – TRADE: The Giants have multiple needs up and down their roster and with limited cap space, can’t spend too much without forfeiting the long-term future of safety Landon Collins and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

So the prudent move here for the Giants is to trade and get more picks.

In this scenario, the Buffalo Bills circle the wagon and move up to take a quarterback, sending the Giants their two first-round picks (No. 21 and No. 22). In addition, the Giants get a third-round pick this year and a second-round pick in next year’s draft.


Round 1 – Will Hernandez (No. 21): In this pick acquired in a trade with the Bills, Hernandez is a great fit and value for the Giants. The UTEP prospect might be considered a bit of a reach at this point in the first round but getting one of the top guards in this draft fits a need as well as adding immediate starting-level talent to the offensive line. He’ll need to reshape his body a bit but Hernandez steps in and helps the interior line get instantly better.

A good building block pick.


Round 1 – Chukwuma Okorafor (No. 22): With the other first round pick acquired from the Bills, the re-shaping of the offensive line continues with another big body. Okorafor is a high-end tackle who can compete right away for a starting job. Moves and plants well with a long reach. The Giants offensive line suddenly looks significantly better (and younger). The Western Michigan left tackle is a Week 1 starter for the Giants at either tackle position.


Round 2 – Royce Freeman: A third-straight pick is used by the Giants on their offense, this time adding a running back to boost one of the league’s worst rushing attacks over the past three seasons. Freeman is a well-built back who likes to bounce outside and has good speed. He may not be a feature back but have to like him in a backfield rotation to give the Giants a boost.


Round 3 – Lorenzo Carter: The Giants finally go defense with a pick, going after a Georgia linebacker who might be more natural fit as a 4-3 defensive end. Carter moves well and is long. A fluid player who can get in the backfield and gives the Giants some versatility in their pass rush.


Round 3 – Andrew Brown: Pass rush is an area of concern for the Giants and Brown can help address that issue. He’s a bit undersized but makes up for that with good technique and engine. Steps into the rotation and the two-deep as a contributor with the potential to become a starter in a couple of years.


Round 4 – Greg Stroman: In the fourth round, the Giants nab a cornerback with good size and range. His Virginia Tech pedigree helps sell the pick but Stroman has good length and instincts and breaks to the ball relatively well. Given the uncertainty of their secondary, this is a good value pick. For a third straight pick, the Giants go defensive and add more depth and value.


Round 5 – Skai Moore: In the last mock draft, Metro had the South Carolina outside linebacker going in the fourth round. Here, he falls into the fifth and the Giants are only too happy to take him. May not measure all that well but his film pops and his experience in the SEC as a multi-year starter is an easy sell.

The issues on the defense, in particular, a lack of depth, are being addressed on Day 2 and Day 3. That continues in the fifth round and now the upcoming pick.


Round 6 – Sean Chandler: If he played for a Power Five program, Chandler would be an early Day 3 pick. The Temple safety moves well and delivers a good hit. Reads the game fine but is a bit undersized. With that being said, has some tools that can help the Giants and plays with a chip on his shoulder. 

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