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Giants’ Damon Harrison plays ‘Madden’ as Packers ahead of wild card game

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Damon Harrison has already seen the Green Bay Packers win once this week but it wasn’t their Week 17 victory over the Detroit Lions. In fact, it was a game where Harrison guided them to a win.

Turns out Harrison was playing on the Madden video game with the Packers this week, guiding their team to victory. No word on if he took his virtual teammates to a boat on Florida following their win.

He was part joking, but the Giants focus on the Packers for this Sunday’s Wild Card game at Lambeau Field will put Harrison in the playoffs for the first time in his career. He made some changes to the team in the video game but he found success with Aaron Rodgers leading the team, the quarterback he hopes to neutralize in a couple of days.

“The team looked a little different. I made some cuts and had some guys with some contracts so I could add some cap space. I was using Rodgers pretty good on Madden,” Harrison said. “Hopefully I know some of his weaknesses. Madden doesn’t lie.”

When these two teams met in Week 5, also at Green Bay, Harrison had three tackles in what was a loss for the Giants. Perhaps this time with a full scouting report from Madden, Harrison will be able to add a sack to his statline.

He admits to learning an interesting tidbit from the game about Rodgers.

“If you make him go to his left, he’s not as accurate when he goes to his right,” Harrison said. “The video game can’t compensate for that.”

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