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Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. enjoys team’s cross-training, wants to hit

The Giants star wideout has enjoyed being the one hitting in practice.
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Odell Beckham Jr. wants to be the one doling out hits. The New York Giants wide receiver who was body slammed to the turf in Week 3 is now ready to deliver some crunching tackles.

The New York Giants have been cross-training in recent weeks meaning that the offense has been seeing some snaps as defensive players in practice. The purpose is to have the proverbial next man up with head coach Ben McAdoo saying “never say never” when asked if Beckham could play safety for him. The Giants secondary has been hit hard with injuries in recent weeks and an athlete like Beckham, who can cover a lot of turf, would be an intriguing option as a defensive back.

It sounds like a possible “switch” to Beckham’s liking.

“Wouldn’t mind hitting someone. There’s a lot less rules when you’re on defense. They expect the defense to be the aggressor. I think as an offensive player, when you come out here and are very aggressive it’s a little different from what they usually see,” Beckham said on Thursday.

“I wouldn’t mind but I’m really focused on putting up as many points as we can. We’re going against, I don’t know if they’re the best defense in the league but they’re one of them. They’re a great defense through in and throughout from the back and the front. All the way around, they’re a great team.”

The comments of course come after days of scrutiny for Beckham. Sunday’s loss to the Washington Redskins saw him picked up and tossed to the ground in the first quarter of the game by rival cornerback Josh Norman. Then Beckham had a very public meltdown that included picking a fight with a kicking net…which he lost.

The temperamental wide receiver is a tremendous athlete, perhaps even world class. But his emotions are a serious liability to the Giants in their pursuit of a return to the postseason.

McAdoo has cautioned that his two-time All-Pro wide receiver needs to continue his maturation process to help the team even more.

“I’m in a great place right now mentally, physically and spiritually. There’s not really much that bothers me at all, to be honest,” Beckham said. “I’m going to go out and play football the only way I know how to play. Try my best to be the best teammate that I possibly can be. At the end of the day you play for the guys who are wearing the jersey. They’re the ones that take the field for you. They’re the ones who you shed blood, sweat and tears with. I’m just going to go out and be who I am.”

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