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Giants QB Davis Webb rolling with the punches

Davis Webb has trudged through the majority of the 2017 season as the Giants' third-string quarterback. (Photo: Getty Images)

Calling this “firsthand experience about everything you can imagine going negatively,” New York Giants quarterback Davis Webb has taken the lumps from his rookie year and looks at it as a time of learning. This, even as his chance for playing time might be dwindling.

It appeared a week ago under former head coach Ben McAdoo that Webb might be getting primed for playing time, a significant development for the now 2-10 Giants as he hasn’t seen a single snap all year. But then McAdoo, along with general manager Jerry Reese, was canned on Monday with head coach Steve Spagnuolo choosing to reinstall Eli Manning as the team’s starting quarterback this week.

All of which leaves Webb, a third-round pick, perhaps now further away from his NFL debut than this time a week ago. Despite the uncertainty, he remains committed to the process and learning from a two-time Super Bowl MVP.

“Yeah, Eli and I eat breakfast and lunch [together] just about every day and we’re pretty much hip-to-hip most of the day when it comes to watching film in the QB room, or I have a lot of things for him, to get him ready for each and every Sunday,” Webb said on Wednesday. “So, we talk a lot of football stuff and off the field, I’ve learned a lot about him and as a teammate, I have nothing respect for him. I told him that numerous times last week. But again, I’m excited to see him play this Sunday. Everybody kind of freaked out last week and now he’s got a chance to come back and help us win a game against Dallas.”

Webb is raw but promising, a player who received significant hype at Cal last year after three seasons at Texas Tech. He has a strong arm and is a good athlete, but needs time to transition from college to the NFL. 

Doing so in a season like this one that has been bitterly disappointing for the Giants is part of that learning and development of being a professional.

“Yeah, I think I’ve gotten a firsthand experience about everything you can imagine going negatively this year. But again, that’s in the past, right now we’re worried about beating Dallas, we’ve got a new opportunity and we’re very excited,” Webb said. “And Eli was all first class all last week, especially in the game, helping Geno, and he and I were pretty much hip-to-hip on the sideline discussing throughout the game what was going on. So, he’s been a great teammate, but again, we’re worried about beating Dallas.” 

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