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Giants sending tape of Nolan Carroll’s interception to NFL for review

What exactly happened with the controversial interception?
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Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nolan Carroll had an interception in his team’s 28-23 loss this past Sunday to the New York Giants. It was a call that Giants head coach Ben McAdoo disagreed with then and a call he disagrees with now, to the point that the team is sending it to the league for further review and comment.

On the play Carroll clearly comes away with the ball, draping Beckham on a routine play early in the fourth quarter. But what remains open to debate is if Beckham was down by contact when Carroll made a play with one arm to rip the ball away.

After review the call on the field of an interception stood, the video evidence not enough to overturn the original call.

It was a tremendous play from Carroll but the Giants still think that Beckham was down and it shouldn’t have been an interception.

“We’re going to turn it into the league and really see what they have to say about it. I think it’s one of those calls that it depends on where you start. I think it’s a tough one to overturn either way. If it’s incomplete, I think it stays incomplete. If it’s a completion, I think it stays a completion,” McAdoo said on Monday in a conference call with the media. “The way they ruled it as an interception, once you go look at it, I think it stays an interception. It’s a hard one to overturn. Regardless. I thought we caught the ball and went to the ground. They came away with the ball. The starting point is probably going to be the ending point there.”

For Manning who completed 22-of-36 passes for 257 yards and four touchdowns, it was one of two interceptions he threw in the Giants win. With the win, the Giants snapped a four-game losing streak to the Eagles.

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