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Gifts for stoners: 6 ideas for your favorite marijuana enthusiast

Gifts for stoners
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It was a big year for marijuana in 2018, with the sticky plant becoming more mainstream than ever before. So what do you get for the stoner in your life who’s probably already seen it all? Weed’s come a long way from glass bowls and joints, with game-changing innovations that can take your enjoyment of nature’s precious gift to the next level. Here’s are some of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners that are sure to impress the glassy-eyed loved ones in your life. 

Gifts for stoners: 6 ideas for your favorite marijuana enthusiast

Gifts for stoners 2018

Gifts for stoners: Vaprwear Clothes

Looking for a discreet gift for the vaping fool in your life? Look no further than Vaprwear’s, a clothing line that allows wearers to vape through a drawstring on its hoodies and t-shirts. The company says that its vision is to “be to vapor what camelbak is to hydration,” and judging by its online reviews, Vaprwear – perhaps surprisingly! – seems to deliver. Huh! $14.99 -$49.99, vaprwear.com

Smoking Shades

Speaking of discretion, Smoking Shades offer stylish stoners a way to keep blazing without compromising their fashion sense. The frames come in a number of eye-catching styles that could be worth the cost at a festival or other gathering. $149.99, smokingshades.com

Gifts for stoners: The Genius Pipe

Well-hyped on social media this year (and not without due cause), this bowl’s unique design (including over 2,000 micro-dimples to cool smoke) claims to offer a cough-free hit. The Genius Pipe’s engineers claim that its dimples not only cool smoke, but remove up to 95 percent of tar and resin that reach your lungs – and make this one of the easiest bowls you’ll ever clean. $74.99-$99, geniuspipe.com

Gifts for stoners: Smocan

Trying to surprise an old-school blazer? The Smocan is a modern twist on the classic dugout model, offering a built-in grinder, quartz ceramic pipe, large reservoir, odor and water resistant kit that is even dishwasher safe. At $59.99, the Smocan is a reasonably priced way to surprise the old-school stoner in your life. $59.99, smocan.com

Gifts for stoners: Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is a “smart rig,” hand-held e-nail that its manufacturers hope will soon replace the modern dab rig. With smart temperature settings and hand-held engineering, the Peak is an ideal holiday gift for the social stoner into concentrates. $379, puffco.com

Gifts for stoners: Dr. Dabber Switch

For the latest in vaping luxury, look no further than the Dr. Dabber Switch. The device vaporizes both flower and concentrate with convection heating, allowing users to vape at a specific temperature within seconds of powering on the device. Luckily, the Switch offers a sleek and intuitive design that any stoner could wrap their mind around. $399.99 or 4 interest free payments of $100 a month, or $593.95 for a “holiday bundle” that includes a number of accessories, drdabber.com

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