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Gifts for the gearhead dad

If your dad is one of those guys who loves to wax poetic about things on wheels, then these (rather inexpensive, keeping the tough times in mind) items would make perfect gifts this Father’s Day:

Now, with the aid of your computer and the GPS Snitch you can now track the movements of a car or person anywhere in North America. The Snitch is available at Future Shop and The Source for $299 plus a cellphone connection at a set rate per month or by the year.

Keeping your hands clean around vehicles is tough, but with Mechanix Gloves it’s easy. Theses gloves are thin enough to you feel grip the parts and when dirty, just throw in the wash to clean. Find them at auto parts stores starting around $20.


Good fuel economy and a good ride are dependent on the right air pressure in your tires. Portable Air Compressors allows you to do all this plus blow up inflatable items as well. The simplest compressors start around $50 and go up depending on your needs and budget the larger units are generally the best way to go. Auto parts stores are the best place to go.


Seeing what you doing under the hood of your car or truck is vital and having an LED or Fluorescent Trouble Light is really practical. This lights don’t heat up like bulbs, use less electricity and best of all, they emit more light. They come in cordless, 12-volt and wall plug-in varieties from $50 and up. All good auto parts stores have them.

When travelling in two or more cars keeping in touch is can be a real charade of arms out the window. Two-way radios make talking to the other car or cars easy. With a range of 40 kilometers on some models no one should be lost. Prices start at $70 and are available at electronics and big box stores.

Power Inverters are a great way of running items from you home in the car. Things like computers, chargers and electronics can easily run on the 12-volt to 120-volt power put out by these. Size matters; so get one big enough for the accessory you want to power. Canadian Tire has a great selection starting at $30.

A heated or vibrating seat cushion in your car or truck can make a world of difference when traveling any distance in a badly designed seat. These back saving items come in all shapes, sizes and functions. Starting at about $30 Canadian Tire has lots to choose from.

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