Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson goes on a motorcycle journey for amFAR – Metro US

Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson goes on a motorcycle journey for amFAR

Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson goes on a motorcycle journey for amFAR
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Scott Patterson may be best known for his role as Luke Danes on the popular show “Gilmore Girls,” but he’s also passionate about motorcycles and making a difference. The Haddonfield, N.J. native called us on his way to a rehearsal to chat about his involvement with Kiehl’s 7th Annual LifeRide for The Foundation for AIDS Research,amFAR, where he and other celebrity bikers journeyed through 11 states to raise funds and awareness.

So when did you start riding a motorcycle?
A long, long time ago. I’ve been riding many bikes like dirt bikes and all that stuff since I was a kid [in South Jersey.] I’m from Haddonfield.

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<p><b>What motivated you to get involved with LifeRide?</b><br />I don’t have any personal connections, but as a human being I think it is important that we support causes that are going to alleviate suffering for the many. There are still 45 million people who are afflicted with HIV. It’s not really front and center in the media anymore. Kevin, who is the CEO of amFAR, wants to eradicate HIV in our lifetime, so I wanted to help out with that.</p><div class='s2nPlayer k-HDMyVqYj' data-type='float'></div><script type='text/javascript' src='//embed.sendtonews.com/player3/embedcode.js?fk=HDMyVqYj&cid=11914&offsetx=0&offsety=0&floatwidth=400&floatposition=bottom-right' data-type='s2nScript'></script>

<p><b>Why do you think it is important for celebrities to use their fame to raise awareness for good causes?</b><br />Because it is probably the only good use of celebrity. Being a celebrity is kind of a very silly, very manufactured thing. If it is that artificial and manufactured, then use it for good. I don’t know if that is true. I think celebrities are taking up cause more now than they ever have been, probably to the detriment of their own careers. They are taking such extreme stands on all kinds of things. Personally, I just feel like I have been very fortunate. I got very lucky. It was definitely hard won success that came to me, so this is a chance to give back.</p>
<p>For more information on LifeRide, visit: <a href=amfar.org/liferide​

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