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Gisele Bündchen takes a stand against fur on new Vogue cover


We already know Gisele Bündchen is a fierce supporter of environmental causes, but now the world–renowned supermodel is taking a stand to help furry friends across the globe.

The retired runway icon and wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made a big statement about animal rights in a new Instagram post previewing her upcoming appearance on the cover of Vogue Paris. Since the August issue is dedicated to eco fashion and promoting the use of fake fur, it’s no surprise that the 36-year-old star would want to use her clout to promote sustainable and animal-friendly clothing.

“So happy that [Vogue Paris] dedicated this issue to animal protection,” Gisele wrote on Instagram. “Sending a strong message that wearing real fur is never an option!”

While Gisele has professed her love of animals in the past and owns three pet pooches with her famous hubby, she did catch some flak from PETA protesters during a Victoria’s Secret runway show in 2002 over her appearance in an ad for a fur company. However, she’s since apologized for the incident and now seems to be in PETA’s good graces.

Despite the brief hiccup, the model has long been a champion for environmental and wildlife causes. Last year, she wrote an op-ed for the Huffington Post which put a spotlight on the United Nation’s Wild for Life campaign, an effort to end illegal animal trafficking. 

“Animals are part of all our worlds and most people who care deeply about animals, the environment and the planet have had a transformative moment in nature during childhood,” Gisele wrote. “My own experiences of connecting with nature and animals have shaped the person I am today.”

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