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Give more, get more

Charity is usually about giving but the Alberta Government wants to see Albertans get a little more when donating to charitable organizations.

In an effort to help persuade people to donate more, the province has introduced the Community Spirit Program, which will give out $100 million in tax credits and funding to encourage people to help out their preferred charities.

The program is broken up into two sections; $80 million given for enhanced charitable tax credit and $20 million for a new lottery-funded Donation Grant Program.

The program is donor-based, meaning Albertans will decide where the $20 million funding portion goes by where they donate their money.

Premier Ed Stelmach said the program gives Albertans a chance to donate to organizations they feel are deserving.

“Albertans have the opportunity to make real tangible contributions and make tangible change to their communities,” he said.

The program is open to all eligible non-profit organizations and Canada Revenue Agency-registered charities.