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Give Starbucks Happy Hour today a shot

starbucks happy hour today

There must be something in the water because this week seems like it’s been exhausting for everyone. Maybe the summer heat is finally getting to us or maybe we booked our vacations for a little later than we needed. Whatever the reason, Starbucks Happy Hour today is perfectly picked to get you through the last of the workweek stress.

We count Starbucks Happy Hour among the many amazing things happening this summer. The food deals have been out of control and the weather has skewed to less humid and disgusting than usual (knock on wood). Plus, not knowing what drink discount will be offered through Starbucks Happy Hour today until shortly before is keeping things spicy.

If you haven’t taken the coffee chain up on one of their drink discounts yet, you’ve been missing out on some delicious deals. Don’t worry, the bean brewer already announced that the program is hanging around for a while, so you still have time to reap the refreshing rewards. There are two easy ways to get onto the not-at-all-exclusive list that earns you discount codes for these promotions. Each will only take you a couple of minutes and we’ve outlined them step-by-step in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour. Go sign up now; we’ll wait.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

Why should you give Starbucks Happy Hour today a shot? Because it will give you one right back. Today’s drink deal is BOGO on espresso beverages, hot or iced. You’ll have to buy a size grande or larger to get in on the buy one, get one deal, but we doubt that will be a problem. We could all use a caffeine-fueled pick-me-up this week. Just remember to tell your cashier that you’ll be using the drink discount code before they ring you up. (And make sure you know when happy hour is for Starbucks since it;s different from your standard after-work watering hole promotion.)

starbucks happy hour today espresso beverages

Whether you bring a friend to enjoy the drink discount with you, or double down on the liquid energy by yourself is totally up to you. Maybe see how your morning at work goes before deciding how much caffeine you’ll need to power through until Friday.


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