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Give your walls a personal touch

Wall decals, decorative clocks, candle wall sconces — gone are the days of simply wallpapering and hanging a painting. Just as a home’s decor allows one’s personality to shine through, a home’s walls offer individuals a blank canvas in which to express themselves.

“I think overall when it comes to adorning your walls it always comes down to expressing your personality,” said Margot Austin, senior design editor at Style at Home magazine. “Regardless of trends you have to go with what speaks to you, what speaks to your heart, what gives you energy, what you love.”

Create dimension for bare walls with a gallery of art hung salon-style — combining art of different sizes, styles and framing with mixed media like photographs and lithographs.

Changing up wall decor with such conversation pieces as a rug or tapestry, metal sculptures, Asian scroll art, sleek shelving, wall vases with dainty flowers, or a funky wall applique that speaks your mind can breathe new life into a room.

“People feel they are not qualified (to hang wall art) but we have to get past that and go for it,” said Austin. “Be inspired and make it happen.”