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Glowing plus sign sculpture in East River provides swim alerts

A rendering of the East River pool.

Next time, you walk by the East River, look for the glowing plus sign from POOL light. 

The plus signs is a part art installation and part warning light. The POOL light is a public art installation you can find at the Seaport District off of Pier 17. You can see the installation on the Brooklyn waterfront and the bridges connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

NBC reports The light will turn teal, meaning it’s safe to swim in the water.  The structure will become pink when the bacteria exceed it’s safety levels. 

The project does more than just alert those of the safety of the water. The project will also be checking out the turbidity, oxygen, and pH leaves in the river. The lights will reflect these numbers by adjusting the brightness, sharpness, and frequency. 

The sculpture will also change directions based on the water movement. 

The light is 50 feet by 50 feet, and the lights arranged in a plus sign to symbolize New York City’s positive steps since enacting the Clean Water Act of 1972. 

NBC reports that the designers created it with raising awareness of the state of the city’s rivers. 

If you’re curious about the water quality right now, you can go online right now and see the state of the water. 

You can go to see the POOL light until January 3, 2020. 

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