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Go big with small touches to add space and glamour

One of the easiest ways to make a small space feel larger is to use reflective surfaces like mirror, metal, glass and shiny paint. Not only do they help to reflect light around and open up a space, they also help to add a touch of glamour to your home. Here are a few ways to brighten your space while adding a sense of glamour:

Use glossy paint
Paint all four walls with a high-gloss paint for a super-sheen, light-bouncing effect in a room. Make sure the walls are perfectly smooth; old walls with the orange skin bumps shouldn’t be painted in glossy paint.

Tip: Paint the ceiling with the same paint; it will make the space feel infinite with its endless reflections.

Wallpaper one wall
Instead of painting a focal wall of colour behind a bed or in a dining room try adding wallpaper with shine; the wallpapers these days are easily removed when the trend ends, and can add a lot of pizzazz to a room. Other focal walls to add shiny wallpaper: the mantle wall in the living room, behind the bed or behind the television in the family room.

Tip: Apply shiny wallpaper on three hollow-core doors and then hinge them together for a reflective room divider.

Use metal and glass lamps:
Whether it be a modern chandelier or a table lamp, metal or crystal-style lamps are all the rage and are fantastic accessories to any room as they absorb and disappear into the room.

Tip: Keep shades light or neutral; a dark or heavy lampshade will overpower the light and shiny lamp base.

Shiny glass tables
Add a glass top to an old dresser, bar cart or coffee table to add shine and protect the surface. A glassed top coffee table with a metallic frame will add even more sparkle to a room.

Tip: Have fun with a glass top; paint the underside a fabulous colour or silver-leaf for a glossy, custom look.

Look for beveled edges and metallic finishes on the frames for a way to add even more reflective glitter to a room. Large mirrors placed on a 90-degree wall to the window will bounce the natural light further into the room.

Tip: Consider mirroring the entire wall behind a large piece of furniture. This will add depth to the room and subtly open up the room.

Silk draperies and metal hardware
Silk drapes (whether real or synthetic) are all the rage in home decor and offer a nice way to add a glamourous shine to a room. Accessorizing the drapes with metallic or glass hardware will offer even more punch to the glam-factor.

Tip: Silk drapes are like evening gowns for the room; don’t forget the jewelry; shiny beaded ties backs or trims will help add a opulent look to the room.

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