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Going beyond baby talk for pets

Sue Becker once got a call from an owner of a cat named Hades. Kitty wasn’t eating well and pacing the house, meowing.

So Becker, 57, an animal communicator, sat down in her comfy family room and mentally connected with him.

She soon got a telepathic message from Hades. He was lonely and wanted to spend more time with his busy owner. He also didn’t like his name: He wanted to be called Shine.

At first Hades’ owner was a little miffed by the name suggestion. A day later, she remembered: When he’d arrived as a kitten, her grandfather had just died, and she’d often hold the cat singing You Are My Sunshine. When she called Becker to tell her of this memory, she was in tears.

“All species can communicate telepathically,” says Becker.

Born in Montreal, Becker always loved animals and got her first kitten at age 10. Nu-Nu was a big grey cat who allowed his young owner to dress him up in doll’s clothes.

By high school, Becker had moved to Kitchener, Ont. She planned on becoming a veterinarian, but instead married young (but later divorced) and started working in a bank.

For 32 years she worked in banking. But another grey cat, this one named Ashley, got sick in the mid 1990 when he was 14. Becker immersed herself in research about everything from nutrition to homeopathy to try to help him.

She wasn’t able to save her pet, but the readings and courses she did turned into a new career.

In 2002, she scaled back to part-time at the bank, and quit entirely a year later. While the bulk of her work is animal communication, she’s also trained to do Tellington TTouch, a form of animal massage therapy, and treat animals with Bach Flower Essences. She also teaches workshops in animal communication.

As a communicator, she works by talking to an animal’s owner about the problem, and getting a description of the cat, dog, bird or horse. Later, she sits down alone and focuses in on the animal.

She can almost always find the animal, even if it’s dead, or as far away as Australia or Iraq. She then asks the animal, telepathically, what’s wrong. The animal will send her images or words.

“I don’t consider myself particularly gifted. This is something everyone could do who loves animals and remembers when they were young and understood animals a lot better.”

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