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Going for the gold


Award season is upon us. Soon Hollywood will hand out more gold than Fort Knox on free doubloon day. This week the Reel Guys have a look at the first major awards, the Golden Globes.

Richard: Mark, I enjoyed bits and pieces of a lot of movies in 2011 so choosing winners in the Golden Globe Best Movie categories is giving me a bit of a headache. In the drama category I’ll have to go with Moneyball as the film that hit it out of the park. As for comedy or musical it’s a toss up between The Artist, which was the best time I had at the movies overall this year, and Bridesmaids, which made me laugh more than any movie this year. You?

Mark: Yes, Richard, Moneyball was a fine film. But I can’t believe it will take away any top prizes because it just lacked any real emotional content — and the ending, while true to life, was a bit of a dud. I think it’s George Clooney’s year, and that The Descendents is the film to beat in the drama category. As for comedy, Bridesmaids is the funniest movie of the year, although The Artist is a more audacious achievement. I notice its director is nominated in that category, and I hope he wins. He made me feel like I was in 1928!

RC: I think you’re right about Clooney. He brings with him the kind of star power the Globes crave for their broadcast. The Artist, not so much. With that in mind it seems likely Meryl Streep will take the Globe for best dramatic actress for The Iron Lady. Her mix of star power and chops almost guarantees a win. As for Comedy or Drama, I’d like to see Kristen Wiig take it for Bridesmaids. Of all the nominees it is the only full-on comedic performance.

MB: You’re right about La Streep. Frankly, she won it the day the trailer aired. And with Michelle Williams shunted into the comedy category, there’s little competition for her. And although it’s a real stretch to call Williams’ Monroe homage ‘comedy’, her only competition will be Charlize Theron’s dress. Kristin Wiig is a comedic genius — the best thing since Carol Burnett — but I think her bid will be scuttled by the movie’s poop jokes. Unfair, perhaps, but pure comedy scares votes away — it just doesn’t seem like acting.

RC: One movie I think is a lock is the hands-down favourite for Best Foreign Film, A Separation. I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t win.

MB: Haven’t seen it, but the buzz has been deafening. As long as Cars 2 doesn’t win for Best Animated Picture, I’ll be a happy man.

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