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Going from ‘content to complete’

“I came to a fork in the road and chose the fearless route.”

Michelle Peavy has overcome many tough turning points in life to become an entrepreneur, speaker and singer, but her biggest challenge of all was conquering cancer.

Today, she’s healthy and owns a corporate recruiting company with offices in Calgary, Houston and a third opening in Toronto.

As a singer, she has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Kimmel Live and is a longtime anthem singer for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Peavy will be launching her new CD in October.

“We have so much power and underestimate how much we can use. I want women to look deep within themselves and make a difference in their community.”

The ALL Women Summit will be held in Toronto on Oct. 6.

Michelle will be among the inspiring women there who will help you learn how you can live a life filled with intent, strength and action.

“It will be women mentoring women, offering tools and life strategies. I want them to move from a place of content to complete.”

Join Michelle and choose the fearless route. Visit allwomen.biz for more information.

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