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Goliath season 2 release date, cast info and more

Goliath Season 2 start date billy bob thorton

Depending on who you ask, Billy Bob Thornton winning the Best Actor in a Drama Series trophy was one of the biggest surprises at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Or not. It all depends on whether you had watched, let alone heard of, the freshman Amazon series “Goliath” at the time. A legal drama created by television veteran David E. Kelley (“Ally McBeal,” “The Practice”), the show follows disgraced lawyer named Billy McBride’s (Thornton) attempt to redeem himself. All eight episodes of the “Goliath” season 2 will begin streaming Friday, June 15, on Amazon Prime. Instead of angling for his old law firm, however, season 2 finds McBride taking on a murder case against a young boy pro bono – much to fellow lawyer Patty Solis-Papagian’s (Nina Arianda) annoyance. Aside from season 1’s returning cast, these new episodes feature recurring and guest appearances by Mark Duplass, Lou Diamond Phillips and David Cross.

What is Goliath season 2 about?

Before he became “disgraced,” McBride was half of the successful law firm Cooperman McBride, which he co-founded with his then-partner, Donald Cooperman (William Hurt). After a murder suspect he got acquitted later killed an entire family, however, McBride washed out, fell deeper into alcoholism and took up residence at an extended-stay hotel on the Santa Monica Pier. When occasional cases don’t turn him sober, his daughter Denise (Diana Hopper) tries to.

Much like fellow Amazon series “Bosch,” “Goliath” tells a different story arc each season. Many of the core characters and plot points remain the same, but the rest changes depending on whatever arc demands. So season 1 had McBride pursue a wrongful death suit against one of his former law firm’s biggest clients, putting him at odds with his ex-partner and many others. Season 2, however, sees McBride take a murder case pro bono that may not be what it seems.

Goliath season 2 start date amazon prime Billy Bob Thorton

Why you should binge Goliath season 2

“Goliath” is worth a binge for three solid reasons. Firstly, it’s short. This isn’t the most important reason, of course, but with “Peak TV” in full swing these days, time is a precious commodity. And the less time a new piece of entertainment takes, the better. Otherwise, the second and third reasons “Goliath” is worth your time are Thornton himself and the creative team behind the camera. The latter has suffered some turmoil, but the show has yet to suffer as a result.

Meet the cast of Goliath season 2

Again, Thornton is the main pull behind “Goliath,” and for good reason. His Golden Globe Award-winning turn as McBride is simultaneously enjoyable and difficult to watch. But he’s not the only fantastic part of the series. Arianda’s Patty and Hopper’s Denise keep the titular star on his toes, as does paralegal-cum-escort Brittany Gold (Tania Raymonde). Meanwhile, season 2 adds Ana de la Reguera, Morris Chestnut,  Duplass, Phillips and Cross to the mix.

How to binge Goliath season 2

All eight episodes of “Goliath” season 1 are currently available to stream for all Amazon Prime subscribers. When they drop on Friday, June 15, all eight episodes of season 2 will also be available on Amazon Prime.