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Good horror gives you chills

Edmonton’s winter is slowly descending upon us, so I have no idea why I was so excited to see a movie called Frozen.

This horror movie by Adam Greene pits three college students against the natural world, and as you would expect, nature kicks their butts.

We meet our protagonists as they plan to sneak onto a chairlift. Dan (Kevin Zegers), his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) and his best friend Joe (Shawn Ashmore) are more annoying than likeable. Dan and Joe are avid skiers; Parker is not. Joe considers her a third wheel and is pissed at his friend for bringing her along, which results in more than one uncomfortable moment for the trio.

There’s a fair bit of witty banter among the three characters, but the acting was uneven. There is zero chemistry between Dan and Parker and at first, I thought they were friends or maybe siblings.

So, I felt rather uncomfortable when Dan opens Parker’s shirt to show off her “wares.”

After introducing us to the characters, the movie plunges into horror quickly.

Good horror movies allow you to experience the scary situation without you actually having to be there. And Frozen is an excellent example of this. I swear as I watched the characters shiver and gather frostbite on their faces, I actually zipped up my jacket and regretted the ice in my pop.

There’s a fair bit of gore in the movie but its not gratuitous. And wow, does it make the situation more real.

The characters realize that they cannot wait to be rescued so they attempt to fix the situation.

Each solution is met with different levels of success but the audience’s investment in the movie was clear in the way that they broke into applause when one character managed to escape the chairlift.

After watching the movie, I want to learn how to do chin-ups, plus how to kick wolves in the teeth.

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