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Good things might just come in threes

Had I stopped at the uninspiring take-out counter, I never would have entered the fiesta of the Three Amigos dining area. Three Oaxacan (ha-wackan) brothers poured their best ideas into the little strip mall space, recreating a feeling of home to go along with their tasty Mexican fare.

I started on the free basket of crisp tortilla chips with fresh housemade salsa as I settled on tacos ($15.99) and a glass of sangria ($7.50). I sipped the delicious, chilly red wine and gnawed happily at the included pineapple slice.

Norteño music videos and scenes of Mexico painted on the walls made the time pass pleasantly until I received the hefty plateful of food. The rice was decent and the salad OK, but the refried beans and taco fixin’s – including slices of avocado – were sublime.

The whole could have been spicier, but service was fast and friendly, I enjoyed some killer refried beans and took home some leftovers. Who could ask for more?

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