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GoogaMooga: Extra Mooga ticketholders will receive full refund

There are many things that went wrong at The Great GoogaMooga festival last weekend. We all heard the complaints: endless lines, limited food, no toilet paper. It was pretty much the opposite of how we envisioned spending our warm and sunny weekend afternoons.

There’s one thing the festival organizers are doing right, though. On their website, Peter Shaprio, Co-Founder of Googa Mooga, posted “An Important Message for Extra Mooga Ticket Buyers.”

Anyone who purchased the Extra Mooga tickets are eligible for a 100% refund, including handling fees.

“We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t delivery, particularly in providing an adequate amount of food and beverage on Saturday. We’re very sorry if we disappointed you,” he wrote on the festival’s website.

Extra Mooga was supposed to be an all-inclusive, premium experience with great food and drink.

“Our intentions were good, but our execution came up short in several areas.”

Kudos to the organizers for attempting to fix what went wrong. This gives us hope that next year’s GoogaMooga festival will be better and we won’t have to wait for two hours to get a grilled cheese sandwich.

Details for the refund:

If you’d like a refund, email your request to refunds@googamooga.com within 30 days. Be sure to include the email address used to make the initial purchase. A refund should appear on the credit card used within 10-14 days.

If you paid cash email from the address you used when you purchased the tickets and provide a mailing address for a refund check.

Now, in anticipation of next year’s festival, check out photos taken by Metro staffer Nate Jones.

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