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Google Maps knows where you want to go before you do


Google Maps, you know the thing that you use to navigate the world and thus your life, just got a whole lot smarter with a new update to the app.

The app is now reportedly capable of predicting where you want to go, and pulling directions for you, on its own accord.

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Quartz explains the concept pretty succinctly:

“If you’re a frequent Google Maps user, “Driving Mode” will be useful. It’ll try and predict your destination, preload the best driving route available, and keep you updated with travel updates. Google Maps would pull your home and work address — which many users save in the app — and places you’ve recently searched for too. It’ll also utilize its data on your usual driving routes to try and figure out where you’re headed. So, if you typically drive home after work around 6pm, Google Maps will remember that and pull up directions to your house automatically.”

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Of course with this development come several implications. For one thing this will provide Google with what Quartz calls “a treasure trove of valuable data.” This data will not only help improve the function of the app itself, but could also be used for the not-so-distant-future self-driving Google cars.

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